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Port Business

Military Support
The Port of Anchorage is essential to Alaska's Armed Forces providing deployment and staging areas, essential fuel supplies, and consumer and business goods. The Port has a long and successful history of supporting military deployments from its docks.

Cargo Distribution
The Port of Anchorage is really the Port of Alaska. The Port serves over 85% of Alaska with everything you eat, wear or drive. Around 90% of the merchandise goods for all the state, except Southeast, come through this Port including essential fuel supplies like gasoline, diesel, heating oil, aviation gasoline and jet fuel for Elmendorf Air Force Base and Ted Stevens International Airport.

Cement Shipments
Cement is quite literally the building block for construction projects across the state. However, it is not manufactured in Alaska but shipped from overseas sources. To ensure competitive pricing and economic growth the construction industry must have affordable access to bulk cement.

Fuel Distribution
The Port of Anchorage provides vital fuel supplies for communities across Alaska, including Southeast! Fuel enters the Port in several different ways

Vessel Schedule
A vessel schedule by week showing the vessels, owners and commodity

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