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ANCHORAGE—Port Director Steve Ribuffo reports an uptick in business investment in 2015 at the Port of Anchorage. Delta Western, a petroleum and lubricants distribution company is scheduled to break ground on a new facility at the port while Alaska Basic Industries will expand their cement operation.

Ribuffo candidly says, "While other ports may speculate about the opportunities they see for themselves in the future, the Port of Anchorage is experiencing significant private sector investment in facility growth sparked by real-time business needs."

ABI President Dale Morman added, "We've had a long-standing and successful business relationship with the Port of Anchorage. The Port's staff and facilities have been critical to our operations, and we believe that Port of Anchorage is the best location to grow our business."

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Mayor Selects Port Concept Plan

On Friday, November 21, Mayor Sullivan and executive members of the Anchorage Port Modernization Project (APMP) team presented the concept plan for the Port of Anchorage (POA) to the Anchorage Assembly.

Following a week-long Concept Planning Charrette in August to identify operational constraints, known risks, and user priorities, the POA stakeholder group identified three concepts that meet the requirements of technical experts and Port users.

In early November, the APMP Concept Evaluation Committee selected the most suitable option and recommended the path forward to Mayor Sullivan.

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Port of Anchorage Identifies Three Concept Design Alternatives for Anchorage Port Modernization Project

The Port of Anchorage POA successfully completed a week-long collaborative Concept Planning Charrette on August 22, 2014. Three concept design alternatives will move forward for development to a 15 percent design level for the Anchorage Port Modernization Project (APMP).
Three concept designs were selected by approximately 50 charrette participants who considered project goals, evaluation factors, and constraints.

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Port of Anchorage Initiates Port Modernization Concept Design Process

On Monday, August 18, the Port of Anchorage (POA) began a week-long collaborative Concept Planning Charrette to identify and refine concept designs for the Anchorage Port Modernization Project (APMP).

The Concept Planning Charrette is a workshop that involves key stakeholders directly in identifying operational constraints, known risks, and user priorities. At the conclusion of the week-long event, the POA will have identified three preliminary design concepts from the viewpoint of technical experts and Port users.

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So What’s This JLOTS Thing All About?

What is JLOTS? A Joint logisticsover- the-shore (JLOTS) operation is the process of loading and offloading ships in austere areas where ports are damaged, unavailable, or without the benefit of adequate fixed popdfrt facilities.

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