Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Municipal Enterprise

Port of Alaska in Anchorage is an enterprise activity of the Municipality of Anchorage, AK. Enterprise departments are distinct from other Municipality of Anchorage departments because they generate adequate revenue to support their operational costs and annual payments to the Municipality.

The Mayor appoints the port director, who is supervised by the municipal manager. Anchorage Assembly’s Enterprise and Utility Oversight Committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding Port of Alaska and other enterprise activities’ (Municipal Light & Power, Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility, Solid Waste Services and Merrill Field) operations and budgets. Anchorage Assembly approves Port of Alaska’s annual budget and Municipality of Anchorage departments manage and/or support Port of Alaska contracting and other day-to-day activities as required by municipal code.

Port of Alaska is a “landlord Port” which means that it charges users for real estate and dock use and it is responsible for general facility maintenance, management and upkeep. Port of Alaska does not negotiate with shippers for tie up, offloading or any other related activities, and customers calling on Port of Alaska must secure their own services.