Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage

City vs. MARAD port trial set to begin

Published: February 19, 2021

By: Elwood Brehmer
Alaska Journal of Commerce

A trial is set to commence nearly seven years after Anchorage sued the U.S. Maritime Administration for its role in the botched expansion of the city’s port but there is still a long way between now and a final ruling.

The Federal Claims Court trial, being held via videoconference, began Feb. 16, at 6 a.m. Alaska time.

Assistant Municipal Attorney Bob Owens said that the participants in the two- to three-week trial will be scattered across the country.

Attorneys for the municipality will attempt to complete their arguments that the federal agency owes the city upwards of $320 million for its role in the port construction project that started way back in 2003 and was deemed a failure in 2012.

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