Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Alaska Basic Industries Gets New Storage Dome

Published: July 7, 2016

The Alaska Contractor
By: Rindi White

Alaska Basic Industries in May commissioned a huge new domed storage facility at the Port of Anchorage, a structure that ABI officials say will allow them to offload a whole ship full of Portland cement at one time.

Wes Vander Martin, general manager of ABI, said the new dome, which holds 40,000 short tons of Portland cement, will make planning for the busy construction season easier.

The current storage area a t the port - two large silos - holds about 20,000 tons, he said, so adding the dome will effectively triple the capacity at the Port of Anchorage. Being able to take a whole shipload at a time will save shipping costs, he said. Having a larger storage space also allows the company to more efficiently handle the volume of cement in storage and to plan for the future.

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