Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage

All but one claim against CH2M dismissed in port lawsuit

Published: November 2, 2016

Alaska Journal of Commerce
By: Elwood Brehmer

The global engineering firm CH2M is almost out of Anchorage’s lawsuit to settle liability for the municipality’s failed port expansion project after a Monday federal court ruling.

U.S. District Court of Alaska Judge Sharon Gleason found the Municipality of Anchorage has little financial recourse against the company that, at least initially, seemed to play a very small role in updating the aging docks at the Port of Anchorage.

Gleason wrote in a 31-page order that the municipality cannot link CH2M — which through a company it purchased was a consulting subcontractor in the layered and complex project — to the damages it has since incurred.

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