Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Anchorage is confronting more rapid climate change, but has few dollars to address it

Published: October 4, 2017

Public Radio International
By Jason Margolis

Alaska has warmed more than twice as fast as rest of the country — winters in Anchorage are 6 degrees warmer than they were 70 years ago. And that’s impacting life there in many ways, from commerce to recreation to the city’s ability to take in climate migrants.

Consider commerce. The Port of Anchorage is a lifeline for Alaska.

“Ninety percent of all inbound cargo coming into Alaska comes via marine vessel; about half of that cargo comes through the Port of Anchorage,” says Jim Jager, the port’s spokesperson.

The port has a big problem: Its steel pilings are crumbling, being eaten away by microbes.

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