Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Port of Anchorage business update

Published: February 18, 2015

ANCHORAGE—Port Director Steve Ribuffo reports an uptick in business investment in 2015 at the Port of Anchorage. Delta Western, a petroleum and lubricants distribution company is scheduled to break ground on a new facility at the port while Alaska Basic Industries will expand their cement operation.

Ribuffo candidly says, "While other ports may speculate about the opportunities they see for themselves in the future, the Port of Anchorage is experiencing significant private sector investment in facility growth sparked by real-time business needs."

ABI President Dale Morman added, "We've had a long-standing and successful business relationship with the Port of Anchorage. The Port's staff and facilities have been critical to our operations, and we believe that Port of Anchorage is the best location to grow our business."

Kirk Payne from Delta Western said, "The Port of Anchorage's existing petroleum handling infrastructure and our new terminal site were both an ideal fit for us. We've done business with the Port for many years, and now we look forward to establishing a long-term presence there."

Both companies agreed that as well-maintained as the dock facilities are, they are showing their age; and that keeping them safely operational is a growing challenge. Both businessmen agreed, "We hope that the planned modernization program gets the support it needs this session. This Port is too important to the state to risk doing nothing."

"It's reassuring to know that the private sector sees the relevance and business value-added of investing in the Port of Anchorage. They could have gone anywhere; but instead they chose to either grow their footprint or plant their flag here," said Ribuffo.

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Dale Morman-349-3333
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The Port of Anchorage is located at the northern end of Cook Inlet in south-central Alaska. The facility accommodates three dry cargo berths and two petroleum handling facilities. It serves as Alaska's regional and DoD National Strategic Port and provides services to approximately 90 percent of the total population of Alaska, including five military bases. For more information visit

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