Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Finding Solid Ground

Published: August 29, 2017

World Cement
By: Rebecca Bowden

The majority of freight and supplies for the state of Alaska enters through the Port of Anchorage. One of these products is bulk powdered cement.

A number of years ago, Alaska Basic Industries, a joint venture between CalPortland and Alaska Sand & Gravel, the terminal owner and operator, looked at various options to increase the storage capacity at the Port of Anchorage. The existing terminal had silo storage that was inadequate to hold the entire cargo of a single cement ship, without either light loading the ship or using offsite storage. The import situation in Anchorage is further complicated in the winter months, due to the presence of ice on the Knik Arm (the location of the Port of Anchorage): the ships that are used for transporting cement are not built to travel through the ice present on the Knik Arm during the winter months.

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