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By: Joe Vigil

The Port of Alaska recently showed KTVA damage from the 7.1 earthquake. Several piles, which hold up docks at the port, split at the weld points.

“It’s put together like a paper towel roll, like those Pillsbury rolls, dinner rolls,” said Port Director Steve Ribuffo.

Ribuffo added, “You can’t use that anymore because once it’s untwisted you can’t twist it back and weld it back.”

The port has been working to repair piles, with all of them suffering corrosion damage over the years. The port says there are more than 1,400 in all.

“For years we have been doing this annual wharf pile repair program and putting sleeves on the piles to combat the corrosion in order to continue to keep the load bearing capacity on the docks going,” Ribuffo said.

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