Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Don Young Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Test Pile Program Update: June 27, 2016

Published: June 27, 2016

Construction activities on the Port of Anchorage's (POA) Test Pile Program are now complete. The last pile was driven to 150 feet below mudline on June, 7, 2016, and restrikes on the 10 test piles began the next day. The piles, which were driven up to 185 feet below the mudline, experienced no more than 10 inches of additional movement as a result of the restrikes. Seven of the 10 piles have been cut off within 2 feet of mudline to avoid potential impacts to marine traffic. The remaining 3 piles will be utilized in the Anchorage Port Modernization Program, Phase 1, in-water construction, scheduled to begin in 2018.

Project team members will spend the next few months analyzing data from the restrikes to confirm pile capacity and information gathered during in-air and ground vibration data collection efforts. The POA anticipates that the final noise and vibration monitoring report will be available later this fall and plans on presenting findings at the September 15, 2016 Government Hill Community Council meeting.

Thank you to Government Hill residents, community council members, and others who participated in program meetings and events. We look forward to keeping you informed as we begin the next phases of our Port's modernization program.