Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Port of Anchorage at risk of collapsing into Cook Inlet

Published: August 4, 2017

By: Blake Essig

Roughly 85% of statewide infrastructure comes into Alaska through the Port of Anchorage, a port that is nearly 60 years old, covered in rust, and according to city officials, at risk of collapsing into the inlet.

"The engineers who do the inspections on an annual basis have told us that we've got about 10 more years of useful life in the facility that we have right now," said Steve Ribuffo, Director, Port of Anchorage. "If we don't do anything significant to improve that, we're going to have to start shutting down portions of the dock, because they'll be in such condition that they won't support operational loads anymore."

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