Port of Alaska in Anchorage
Port of Alaska in Anchorage

Tariff and Financials

Port of Alaska is a "landlord Port" which means that we charge users for real estate and dock use and are responsible for maintenance, management and upkeep. The Port does not negotiate with shippers for tie up, offloading or any other related activities, customers calling on the Port are required to secure these services on their own.


Dock Revenue rates for Port of Alaska are established in Port of Alaska Terminal Tariff No. 9 and through contractual Terminal Preferential Usage Agreements. Changes to the tariff and adjustments to the five (5) year term Preferential Usage Agreements' charges require approval by the Anchorage Port Commission, typically are presented to the Anchorage Port Commission for promulgation subject to final approval by the Anchorage Municipal Assembly and the Federal Maritime Commission.

Port Industrial Park Revenue is derived from long-term leases of properties in the Port Industrial Park. The leases provide for five-year rate adjustments that are performed in accordance with Anchorage Municipal Code provisions. Leases and lease options are subject to Municipal Assembly approval.

View the current Port of Alaska terminal tariff that is dated January 1, 2024: Click Here.

For more information contact us at (907) 343-6200 or portofalaska@muni.org


Port of Alaska Terminal Tariff No. 10 – effective date, January 1, 2024:

Port of Alaska Terminal Tariff No. 9.1 – effective date, March. 1, 2022:

Port of Alaska Terminal Tariff No. 9 – effective date, Jan. 1, 2020:

Port of Alaska Terminal Tariff No. 8.2 - effective date, June 12, 2018:

Basic financial statements and supplementary information with Independent Auditor’s Report: